Woman screamingEveryone deals with loads and loads of stress every day.  Not only does it have a huge effect on our moods and the moods of those around us, but it has a large and lasting effect on our skin and our bodies!

It’s common knowledge that stress can cause wrinkles, sagging, and all sorts of other bad stuff that can completely destroy a youthful looking face.  There are plenty of products you can buy to attempt to soothe the effects of stress and depression that you face every day, but wouldn’t a better option be to begin treating it before it happens?

Leading a less stressful life would help, but as we all know, that can’t be done.  Instead, why not try to prevent the inevitable stressful situations from taking their toll on your skin?  And while you’re at it, why not erase the effects other things are having too, like the sun, and pesky collagen depleting free radicals?

Alpha-hydroxy acids can help rebuild and repair your skin, and you can get a good dose of these by using natural remedies that include grapes, pineapples,  papaya, and even milk!  You can also use other useful natural goodies like cucumbers to help discoloration, lemon to unclog pores and firm sagging skin, and rosemary for a smooth, natural radiance.

Natural oils are also useful and can be utilized in DIY face masks and scrubs.  Try using almond, coconut, and avocado oils.

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close-up of a woman holding a wire brush to her faceSo you’re tired of irritated red spots, dried or damaged skin, or any other sort of irritation commonly caused with abrasive and harmful chemicals and exfoliants. I’m sure you know why — because when you want to get rid of that nasty stuff from inside your pores, you’re putting all sorts of products on your face, and wiping them off with sponges that might be full of product and chemicals themselves.  If you want to clean your skin completely, leaving no residue or leftover dirt, oil, or makeup, but would like to do it in a gentle, natural way…read on!

There are many products on the market today that have more natural and gentle ingredients, that are made specifically for softly pulling extra nasties from your pores and the surface of your skin, letting them rinse away with a soothing splash of water.  Some of these products (and I only choose the affordable ones, make sure you check the ounces to be sure you’re getting a good price! Buying in bar form is cheaper!) include:

ₒ• Evan Healy’s Tea Tree Cleanser

ₒ• Alba Coconut Milk Face Wash

ₒ• Sea-Chi’s Rose and Geranium Face&Body wash

ₒ• Green Tea Botanical’s Cleanser

ₒ• Organic Fiji Cucumber Melon Soap

(All of these natural products can be found on Pristine Planet’s natural facial cleansers page.)

If you aren’t looking to spend any precious cash, but still need to gently remove the icky stuff from your face and other areas of your body, why not try the D.I.Y approach?  I have some neat articles that can help you out.  For do-or-die situations that are considered a makeup do-over emergency, try this article.  For quick and easy tips to remove makeup using things from your kitchen and bathroom you probably already have, try this article.

The rad, rad radish

Bowl of radishes against blue background, close-up

Bitter, pungent, watery radishes. Yum, yum, yum!  Being a big fan of these cute little red guys (and their daikon cousins), naturally I was delighted when I found out how great radishes are for your skin.  They’re full of vitamins and minerals and have natural antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties.  They’re a wonder veggie that’s an important part of salads, sushi, stir fry and skincare all over the world.  For more reasons on why radishes are so neat, read this article.  Learn to add them to your diet more often!

There are a number of products on the market today that are super spectacular for your skin, and contain all the natural goodness of radishes and radish seeds.  Check them out!

♦ Eminence radish seed refining peel

♦ Naturally whitening organic radish soap

Hydrating serums from Planet Green

Smiling, Young Woman Holding a Toothbrush Close to Her MouthBrightly colored pigments are the boldest and most trendy way to flatter your eyes.  Matching bright, highly concentrated colors to your clothes and accessories can pull your entire look together and turn you from a plain Jane to super chic!

Because there’s such a high color concentration in loose powder pigments, you need to be a lot more careful when you apply.  This isn’t your every day makeup routine, and it’s certainly not to be done if you’re in any sort of rush.  Turning your eyes into a work of art is tricky, but easy to master if you’ve got a steady hand and a keen eye for hip color combos.

Pink /green and blue / gold are the two most popular color combos.  You’ll notice that most favored pigment combos combine two colors opposite or close to opposite on the color wheel.  This is to add eye-popping contrast!

Learn excellent tips on how to apply highly concentrated loose pigments on your eyes, lips, and face with these handy resources:

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Silk Natural’s Makeup Ingredient list (to give you an idea of what’s in your bright colorful pigment makeup)

Marble globe on green leaf, close-up

Taking care of your skin is obviously important.  Using makeup that works and brings out your natural colors is also very important.  Finding bright, awesome colors and matching polish and shoes is even MORE important!  But there’s something above all else, sometimes overlooked, that is most important of all in our beauty routine every day — Our planet!

Did you ever stop to think how those containers your throwing away are affecting the earth?  Non biodegradable plastics, covered in remnants of chemicals and other sorts of things that weren’t meant to be sticking in the dirt…ew!  And you know the worst part?  WELL over half of the women in the United States alone throw away all of their makeup containers without cleaning and recycling them!  For shame!

Not only are the containers a huge issue, but the stuff inside the containers might be a big hazard to the planet as well!  For example, did you know many exfoliating products contain tiny little man made pellets made of PLASTICS?  That’s right!  If you aren’t buying a product that uses all natural ingredients as exfoliants, like ground nuts, sand, salt, and other cool stuff, you’re more than likely buying a tube full of chemical soap and plastic!

Worried about what else you don’t know?  Learn to keep an eco-friendly beauty routine following the simple steps and easy tips in this article.  Also, read here to find out what to avoid and what to look for when you choose your natural exfoliating products.

And another no brainer…use natural mineral makeup as much as you can!

Seaweed is and has pretty much always been a huge part of our lives.  It’s found in every sea and ocean, it’s way rich in goodies that our bodies need, and it’s super tasty!  Almost every country in the world uses some sort of seaweed in many of their traditional recipes.

This versatile veggie is not only a common part of a healthy meal, but it’s also a main ingredient in lots of today’s higher quality beauty and skincare products!  Raw seaweed treatments are still practiced at many spas around the world today, especially most of Asia and parts of the northeastern and far western United States.  Mixtures made with seaweed and seaweed powders are used all over the body to cleanse pores and clear dirt and oils, leaving your skin squeaky clean looking great.

Many of the products you use for your face — like masks, scrubs, even the peel-off fruit treatments — use seaweed as their main ingredient.  It’s been used for centuries upon centuries, after all! There’s even plenty of easy ways to use seaweed right at home to get all the great benefits to your skin this staple plant has to offer.

Purchasing some kelp or wakame powder is a good start, and you can find both of those at Wholefoods markets.  If you can’t find the powder, simply purchase some of it dried, and crush it with a mortar/pestle combo or your small food processor. (Add a small amount of water if you use the processor so the flakes don’t go flying everywhere!)

Once you have powdered seaweed, the possibilities are pretty much endless.  Using unaltered sea salts along with your seaweed is a great idea, because you’re truly getting all of the great benefits the sea has to offer your skin — exfoliating with natural salts, and cleansing and moisturizing with seaweed!  For some fun tips on making face masks and scrubs at home that use seaweed, read this article.  To find out the other benefits seaweed has for your body, click here. Have fun!

A Single Shitake MushroomShiitake mushrooms and shiitake mushroom extract is found in many of today’s top beauty products — in everything from face cleansers to anti-aging remedies.  Skin whitening used to be huge.  Well, it’s still pretty big, but back in the day having pale, porceline skin was considered to be absolutely beautiful.

Shiitake mushrooms were used in the mixtures that helped to whiten skin, because they contain something called “kojic acid“.  This acid is not only used to lighten skin and even it’s tone, but it’s also used to help preserve and safely ferment things like sake and dried plums.

Shiitake also has properties that not only even your skin tone, but help to firm sagging or wrinkling skin.  Even women in our 20s can get things like crow’s feet and wrinkles from the frownies, so it’s a very good idea to start utilizing this fantastic fungus as soon as possible! For some really neat tips on using natural dried and fresh shiitake mushrooms to keep your skin radiant and beautiful, read this article.  If you’re looking for stuff that contains shiitake mushroom extract and other organic ingredients, try this Aveeno organic line.