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Being a pretty big tea enthusiast, I’m always going on and on about all the benefits tea has on your health and your skin.  I figured I should throw up some tips for using regular every day tea items to benefit your complexion.

Find some useful tips for using loose tea and tea bags for your skin here.

And here are two wonderful recipes for bath products you can make right at home, using green tea as it’s main ingredient.

Also, read about rooibos tea, the delicious red tea!

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I’m not even kidding, they are!  Well…they CAN be.  It’s not rocket science.  If you’re too pudgy and you need to lose weight but can’t stand to give up the pizza and chips, just substitute them with healthier, and still delicious products that are much better for you.

fresh and unaltered cheese, healthier toppings and crust

fresh and unaltered cheese, healthier toppings and crust

You don’t even have to find one of those fancy pants places that serves all organic food and uses ingredients grown in their own insecticide-free (and insect infested) gardens.  Just make it yourself, and follow the tips found in this article to make delicious pizza that energizes your body instead of slowing it down.

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Even if you hate feet, it’s still important to make sure they’re pretty.  You don’t want to be known as the chick with gross feet, trust me.  Check out this cute video I came across…

Also, for DIY home made, cost effective ways to pamper your tootsies, read this article about foot soaks and scrubs that will leave you with feet like a newborn’s.  Seriously.

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Everyone’s going nuts about lycopene, and with good reason.  It’s an important part of your diet, I swear.  Read this article to find out why.

“..It helps prevent degenerative diseases by donating its electrons to oxygen free radicals thus quenching and neutralising them before they can damage cells. Free radicals are molecules that have at least one unpaired electron. By donating an electron lycopene can stabilise the free molecule. There have been many recent studies into lycopene so that it can be used to its fullest potential in fighting these diseases. A heart study measuring lycopene in fatty tissue of 1,374 men showed that it could reduce the risk of a heart attack by 50%. Lycopene has though other ailing effects. It has been seen that lycopene can be used as an anti-carcinogen, greatly reducing the risk of some cancers. In a six-year study of 47,000 male health professionals Harvard Medical School found that eating tomato products more than twice a week was associated with 21-34% reduced risk of prostate cancer. In 1995 Harvard School of Public Health studied further into this and found that those men who ate more than 10 servings of tomato foods a week were 45% less at risk to prostate cancer; those with only 4-7 servings were 20% less at risk. The University of Illinois found that comparing woman with the highest levels of lycopene and those with the lowest showed that the highest levels were five times less likely to have cervical cancer.”

(From Lycopene Science)

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26 going on 5?

Everyone has that one annoying friend, coworker, or family member that’s been spoiled and catered to since the day they squeezed out of their mother’s moist vaginal canal.  They’re selfish and irritating, or maybe they’re an introvert and you can’t stand the way they smell.  Well, sadly enough, the reason you find these people annoying is most often linked to how they were brought up as a child, namely, if they were abused or not.
Read this article to find out more signs, it might just prevent you from punching someone today.

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Q: How adorable is this going to be?

A: Very.

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